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Marijuana Detox

Marijuana does not always have a good reputation and many people associate the substance with unemployed ‘stoners’ who have little ambition in life. This is such a stereotype and a wide variety of people smoke it. This is because marijuana has so many benefits to the body and mind. Let’s take a quick look at just some of the many marijuana benefits that it offers.  


Helps Relaxationrelaxing_with_marijuana

Many people know that cannabis can somewhat help to chill you out but it can also reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can act as a sedative in small doses too, so if you have trouble sleeping, a spliff before bed could be all you need. With so many thoughts running around your head on a daily basis, being able to relax is all you need and marijuana does just that.  


Epilepsy Treatment

You may not be aware that smoking marijuana on a regular basis can actually help to treat epileptic seizures, due to binding brain cells that actually cause epilepsy. A study that was conducted by the Commonwealth University in 2003 actually proved this point, so it is not just one of those outlandish health myths that are untrue.  



Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is something that so many people suffer with and smoking marijuana can help to lessen the painful effects of the disease. The THC found in the cannabis binds to the receptors in the muscles and nerves, which can often give an instant relief to MS.


Crohns Inflammation

The inflammatory disease known as “Crohns” shows itself with some horrible symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and just pain in general. A study showed that 10 out of 11 crohns sufferers saw a decrease of the symptoms after smoking a joint every day. Five of those people actually got rid of the illness all together by smoking Marijuana, which is pretty amazing!  


Metabolism Boost

Many people speak of having “the munchies” when smoking pot but this isn’t always true. Marijuana can actually help to keep you in shape in a number of ways. On the whole, it has been proven those who smoke marijuana are smaller than others. The main reason of this is because the drug can give your metabolism a boost. This obviously means your body finds it easier to burn calories and you will not gain weight as quickly. Although it’s not known exactly why but the bodies of marijuana smokers react better to sugar and can process it easier. On the whole this makes them skinnier AND healthier.

There you have it, marijuana does have some good points – in fact it has many!

However, marijuana is not legal everywhere just yet and there will be times you need to quickly remove or mask the THC in your system. The articles on this site will guide you to doing just that.